Horticultural Irrigation

Horticultural Irrigation

Image courtesy of Netafim USA

We define Horticultural Irrigation as the watering of trees, berry plants, and other non-row crop plants.

We have done extensive work with orchards throughout the mid-west and northeast United States. We have had a lot of success with many varying forms of irrigation systems on nurseries and in greenhouses. The picture you see here offers a comparison of trees that are not irrigated (the first two trees) compared with trees that are drip irrigated over a three year period (the last three trees). Each systems final results vary for several reasons… varying soil types and conditions, varying methods in managing the system. Though everyone’s results vary, our experience is that our systems offer:

  • Faster Growth
  • More Uniform Growth
  • Better Consistancy
  • Less Water Usage
  • Lower Fertilizer Costs
  • Professional Support
  • And More


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