Subsurface Drip Irrigation

Image Courtesy of Netafim USA

Image Courtesy of Netafim USA

Many areas of the country have experienced the worst drought conditions they’ve seen in more than half a century.  Though a serious issue to most farmers, it is not necessarily the crop killer you might think it is. At TRICKL-EEZ Company we have a solution that is growing more popular every year because it is proving itself to be very valuable. It is Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI), and TRICKL-EEZ Company is, once again, a leader in the field.

Why SDI? Here are a couple of reasons SDI is proving its value:

  • Apply fertilizer through your system as well as water, directly to the roots
  • Virtually eliminates evaporation, water is applied below the surface
  • Increased yields compared to sprinkler or gravity irrigation
  • Automatic systems make for simple and convenient operation
  • Efficient water distribution compared to sprinkler or gravity systems
  • Lower energy requirements for SDI.

How does SDI stack up compared to other types of systems? Flood irrigation is about 40% efficient. Center Pivots are 60% to 70% efficient. SDI systems are often over 90% efficient! That translates into more efficient application, and cost savings, of fertilizers as well as water.


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